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Extract Geographic Information from Free-formatted Addresses

SyntelliRead Location Extractor is a Compliance/Anti-Money Laundering data extraction tool that enables financial institutions to analyze their transaction activity geographically.

SyntelliRead Location Extractor extracts and standardizes city, province/state, and country names embedded in free-formatted party addresses so that AML systems can perform geographic-based monitoring, analysis and reporting of financial activity.

Automate the Reading of Free-formatted Exception and Investigation Messages

SyntelliRead Investigations Parser is a message pre-processor that enables customer service organizations to automate the reading of free-formatted messages and eliminate data rekeying into case management systems.

SyntelliRead Investigations Parser classifies inbound exception and investigation messages and extracts and standardizes transaction, customer, and case identifiers so that case management systems can automate transaction lookup, case creation, and other message handling tasks.