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Eliminate the Inbound Email Reading Bottleneck

  • Classify message content so that messages get forwarded to the correct process or person.
  • Identify messages that are high priority or require special handling.
  • Extract customer and transaction identifiers and references needed by message handling systems.
  • Transform extracted data into standard formats to satisfy data validation rules in the receiving system.

Dramatically reduce the time and cost of handling free-formatted messages

  • Eliminate the re-keying of data and information.
  • Enable downstream message handling systems to automate database lookup, case creation, and other message handling tasks.
  • Improve organizational efficiency and responsiveness.
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Scan Outbound Email Content

  • Scan outbound message content for key words, phrases,and numeric patterns.
  • Flag inappropriate or non-compliant content.
  • Identify and block outbound spam generated by viruses and malware.

Protect your corporate reputation and information

  • Enforce corporate compliance policies.
  • Ensure that regulatory requirements are satisfied.
  • Prevent loss of proprietary and/or confidential information.

Mine Data from Customer Comment Fields, Chat Sessions, and Email

  • Scan the web for comments about your company and its offerings.
  • Search for words and phrases of particular importance or relevance to your organization.
  • Analyze word and phrase frequency.

Identify trends and gather valuable intelligence from customer feedback and the web

  • Become rapidly aware of emerging customer concerns and trends.
  • Identify customer situations that require special or immediate attention.
  • Find out how your customers feel about your offerings versus those of your competitors.

Extract and Cleanse Data Embedded in
Free-formatted Text Fields

  • Identify and extract data embedded in text.
  • Transform extracted data into a consistent format.
  • Normalize spelling variations.

Transform text into structured data

  • Improve database accuracy, consistency, and completeness.
  • Enable downstream systems to act on data that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Information Technology
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